NW Baltimore Golarion Pathfinder Campaign

Shroom Hunting

The party overcame numerous dangers, including giant spiders, fierce wolves, animated dwarven skeletons and darkmantles. An innocent(?) kobold met his end after lunging at Zurick with a dagger (after clumsily dropping his sword). The party stared down a powerful worg and manage to locate enough ironbloom mushrooms to complete the remedy needed back in Falcon’s Hollow.

In the process, the hired guide Milon (aka the despoiler) absconded with several valuable ruby stolen from an abandoned and desecrated altar. After initially attempting to chase him, Zurick decided to take the remaining ruby for himself. Adan and Zannae expressed reservations but made no effort to stop him.

The journey back to town was uneventful, excepting the strange goat-like tracks that led nowhere. Now back in the town, the remedy has proven effective and is bringing the epidemic to an end.


jstutzman620 jstutzman620

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