NW Baltimore Golarion Pathfinder Campaign

The Lost Explorers

After receiving their well-deserved recognition as the heroes who ended the blackscour epidemic, Adan, Zurick and Zannae visited Falcon Hollow’s general store to sell plunder, mundane and exotic, from their trek across the Shroudwood to the ancient dwarven monastery.

The gnomish shopkeeper of the “Goose and Gander,” Brickasnurd Hildrinsocks, greeted the adventures warmly, purchasing weapons and other gear from Zurick and expressing interest in a valuable sword offered for sale by the northern barbarian. Short on currency in the distant frontier village, Brick suggested that they barter for wares available in his shop. After some haggling by Zannae, the cheerful clerk agreed to parting with 60 gps in cash and 110 gp worth of stock. As Zurick and Zannae selected their purchases from the gnome’s inventory, Zannae exhibited the shrunken head amulet to the gnome’s shock and dismay. The frightened gnome suggested that news of Zannae’s unwelcome possession might circulate around town, which resulted in Zannae and Zurick intimidating the diminutive shopkeeper into silence. Brick proved unable to identify the signet ring recovered from a corpse hanging from the eldest tree in the Shroudwood.

After stopping by Laurel’s herbal shop, and finding she knew little about witchcraft or magical arts, Zurick and Zannnae rejoined Adan. They discovered that the townspeople were scrambling in response to report kobolds had been seen approaching Falcon’s Hollow. The group met Brodert Quink who desperately sought their aid in finding and protecting his daughter Lucinda, who had gone in search of ancient dwarven ruins with her fiancee’s expedition. He provided them a map of the area and offered a reward of 100 gps each upon Lucinda’s safe return.

Zurick suggested that they pursue a bounty for killing kobolds. The halfling mayor directed them to the sheriff, a burly half-elf named Deldrin with an ax on his shoulder. He offered them 5 gp per kobold snout and other rewards for goblinoids.

Shroom Hunting

The party overcame numerous dangers, including giant spiders, fierce wolves, animated dwarven skeletons and darkmantles. An innocent(?) kobold met his end after lunging at Zurick with a dagger (after clumsily dropping his sword). The party stared down a powerful worg and manage to locate enough ironbloom mushrooms to complete the remedy needed back in Falcon’s Hollow.

In the process, the hired guide Milon (aka the despoiler) absconded with several valuable ruby stolen from an abandoned and desecrated altar. After initially attempting to chase him, Zurick decided to take the remaining ruby for himself. Adan and Zannae expressed reservations but made no effort to stop him.

The journey back to town was uneventful, excepting the strange goat-like tracks that led nowhere. Now back in the town, the remedy has proven effective and is bringing the epidemic to an end.

A Character is Born
Character Generation

We created characters. Backstories forthcoming.

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